today was bland

i need sugar to live.

this is not a tenuous need
that in my typical american haste
i gush loudly about to those nearby
“oh my gosh, i need sugar”

i really need sugar, don’t you see?

i’m made of skin and sex drive
and sharp angles of emotion
i have fire in my eyes and sugar in my veins
it says it all right there: blood sugar

this is not a test.

fill the rivers with hawaiian punch and caramel syrup
stack high the boxes of pancake mix and brownie powder
line basket after basket with warm banana breads
stuff my thighs with strawberries; pump the lemonade intravenously

i want it now!

i am more than what i eat
and i am more than what
my mouth goes wet for
but i need sugar to live

i won’t say it again.