thanksgiving break

home is where
the ghosts come out at night
and where teen dreams go to die
in the secrecy of night you came to my window
the flames of our youth burning secretly
we stayed up all night and slept all day
we chased the sunsets way out west
away from the city and out to the farms
you must have known it would go that way
that i would go west to stay someday

the waves of the west washed my heart
made me clean
gave me joy
gave me a fresh start
of course i still remember
oh i remember

oh friend
i see your eyes in the back of my head
and i see our love in the stoplight red
who do you think you are?
with my windows rolled down in march
i am free as the howling wind
up the coast and down again
the coast, the beach, but never east
at least, not often enough for us each

but would you do it?
would you leave?
would you go?
how would you know?
you blame me for leaving home
and the strangeness that i sowed
forget it though
forget it though
i’m just another thing that grows

oh friend
don’t you see?
the way you’ve stayed with me?
if you ever bring up that crabapple tree
i might melt and then where will we be?
i know you keep a tab of all the
things i say
and i keep a box
of all the shit you toss my way
and i know one day
i will sell it or throw it away

but for now be well and do good work
and i’ll see you at thanksgiving break