original poetry ebook: “one long season of wanting”

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For my final project in my poetry workshop this semester, I assembled a chapbook with revised versions of the poems I presented in the workshop. I want to make it available for everyone to download and peruse at their will, should that be something you’re interested in.

Get the ebook here.

The poems were heavily influenced by the Mountain Goats’ 2002 album All Hail West Texas, which is something you guys should totally expect from me at this point. The title is taken from the final song on AHWT, “Absolute Lithops Effect”, a song which alone heavily influenced several of the poems in the ebook.

Again, get the ebook here. I have an ebook. It’s a PDF but it’s an ebook.

I pass a lot of judgement for myself re: the heavy influence of the poets I was reading while writing these poems, but we were encouraged on several explicit occasions by our professor to imitate poems and poets and poetic voices, which I agree is a great exercise. I pass a lot of judgement on myself whenever the Mountain Goats come up even by association, simply because I am so worried that everyone will see me as a “fangirl” (that is the worst). The fear of being perceived as a fangirl is a lot greater than the fear of being a fangirl, which says a lot about me.

Suffice to say that it’s sort of painful to put out something so obviously affected by All Hail West Texas and as always I have very mixed feelings about everything. One thing I’m straight positive on, though, is that I’m very proud of this ebook and I really hope you all enjoy it and maybe share it with people who you think will like it or to whom you wish to suggest their need of mental healthcare.

As always, thanks for reading.



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