More the Mountain Goats Poetry

I’m now providing poems from yet another contest on the the Mountain Goats forums. The requirement here was “strictly haiku”. I chose to write all of my entries about Jeff and Cyrus, the characters introduced in the lead song of Darnielle’s seminal classic All Hail West Texas. Listen carefully:

At a later and sadder point in time I will post a very long essay regarding my feelings about All Hail West Texas, but for now I will provide the haikus as they are. Enjoy.


Cyrus — Denton is
provincial. I await your
return. Your friend, Jeff.


Cyrus — Keep reading,
tongue your medications, and
just stay alive. — Jeff


The letter read: “Jeff,
I’m not really sure that we
would have made it. – C”


“Oh, when you return…
The rage of hell will rain down
over west Texas…”


When I saw my friend
after all that time we both
frowned and wailed “HAIL SATAN”


Speeding in the heat,
windows open, ears bleeding
home, home, home again.


Everything changes.
Even fugitive warlords
have families somewhere…


and dreams leave our minds
like crippled cats, limping slow,
casting sad eyes back.


but destiny is
woven into our being.
and it’s day will come…


My child is born now,
and life in Texas is rich.
I named him Cyrus.


I’ll encourage him
to dream twice as big as us.
I’ll hold him to it.


I wish I knew what
happened to the life we used
to know. I miss you.


love fills empty space
but my body is made of
all of my regrets


The postcards don’t come.
But I still drive to Austin
and cry the whole way.

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